Our Path

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We are on Earth to help others find peace

Once I came to this realiztion, my life gained focus

My personal journey began was I was very young.  I tried to find my place in this world and had a very hard time doing so.  I wanted so badly to understand the meaning of life, was it money and material things?  Was it moving up the social ladder?  

When I continued staying up late at night only focused on what I could do for myself and not for others, I continued to be depressed.  My personal depression also led to anxiety.

I started using alcohol and drugs in my teenage years to cope with many of the hardships of life.  What I didn't know is that that coping with chemicals causes more depression and anxiety.  It also caused me to be laser focused inward and become a very self-centered person.  I became I person I did not like.  I'm sure many other did not like the person I was either.  I even excluded my family and many good friends from my life to continue a mad egomaniac life that was coupled with an inferiority complex.
I know that seems impossible to some, but others will understand exactly what I mean.

It wasn't until I let go of all of my past thinking and realized I was not the center of the universe.  Only then did I begin my personal path to recovery through wellness and am finally happy in life.  Is every day perfect, of course not.  However, now I know how to deal with the stress of life.  I strive for balance in the 8 pillars of wellness.  

If you want to discuss how we may help you, please contact us immediately, we are here to help.
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